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  • .Must re-develop web to meet customer's new needs
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    Web Page Title or Product/Service Name: .Must re-develop web to meet customer's new needs

    You may want to make your website like www.BestBuy.ca with in stock# instantly auto updated, with Covid-19, you must make a live website to display all your products/services on web and update it daily by you or any of your employee, Live and Instant Update Web is important for you now, we can help you to do it with affordable price!

    With the outbreak of Covid-19, customers changed, instead of coming to your store or business directly, they go to your web first to check all your updated products/services including name, how many in stock, price, description, warranty, online payment, curbside pickup, delivery etc., they want to one time get everything at shortest visiting time, or book visiting appointment to avoid line up outside! We can help you on all of these, we can re-develop your web at www.BestBuy.ca level at very affordable price with easy-self-update in stock# daily by any of your employee!

    Our best-in-class and most advanced web tech help you meet all customer's new needs, and you can do no obligation free trial! You can do one thing at a time, 1) put all your products and services on web including in stock#; 2) online payment with self-designed deliveries; 3) make your web at www.BestBuy.ca level, after paid online, In Stock# Auto Deducted!

    1-1) First and most important, you want to display all your products/services on web with instant daily update, your new web will be like www.LaShopLesage.ca daily instant updated by owner!
    with name, price, description, warranty, in stock#, curbside pickup, delivery etc., and keep the info up-to-date. That means you have to update your web many times a day, you can not hire web developer to do it, you have to do it yourself or ask your employee to do it, it is called CMS - Content Management System, means you maintain your web content daily by yourself. Most websites are updated by web developer without user-friendly-interface, but our best-in-class and most advanced web technology let anyone easily-self-edit web a dozen times daily by cell or any device at anytime anywhere, e.g. after you get a product sold, you can immediately spend 10 seconds to update in stock# by yourself according to the receipt or invoice, so your web is up-to-minute updated! When customers see your products with price and update-to-minute in stock# on web, they are more than willing to come, they may do curbside pickup or delivery. Our web tech is really good with advanced programming and database design, with visitor# on each page and searches, with table of content interface to browse easily, with ability to update all web content easily by user-friendly-interface, and all your product/service name, company address and phone etc. can be searched on www.CityAmazon.com! We can meet all your safe open needs with affordable price, only big and advanced web developer can do it! Why we can offer you affordable price? We put in years of programming and design ahead, and we may be unique to offer no obligation FREE TRIAL!

    On your existing web (no web see 1-2)), add a text or picture link point to our separate advanced web to display all products/services with name, description, price, in stock#, warranty, pickup or delivery etc., you can easy-self-edit all web content including in stock# by cell or any device at anytime anywhere!

    Extra 20 web pages promotion - limited time offer and free trial!
    Starting C$2879.99 one time web developing fee, C$299.99/year hosting fee, we develop 40 + 20 web pages to display 40 + 20 products/services, one page per product/service displaying a picture, product/service name, unlimited text description, price, in stock#, curbside pickup or delivery etc., you could develop online payment later.

    We offer No Obligation Free Trial supported by email, it is easy, take 10 to 20 pictures of your main products/services, tell us
    a) your company name, address, postal code, phone/toll free, fax, email, existing website together with
    b) each picture's product/service category, name, description, price, in stock# etc.,
    c) send email to info@safeopen.ca , we'll develop advanced web and show you how to easy-self-edit it by cell or any device at anytime anywhere. How easy? If you know how to browse web, you know how to edit it, just browse to find the web page, then click 'Update Web Page' link on top, all user-friendly-interface, no need to read html source code.

    If you prefer to pay us to edit web for you, price is affordable depend on how many web pages and how often of your edit.

    1-2) If you don't have existing web, C$3289.99 one time web developing fee, C$349.99/year domain name and hosting fee, all rest is the same as 1-1).

    2) Develop online payment, to save you money, we do first level online payment like others without auto deduct in stock# after item paid online, price is affordable, ask us for more info.

    3) Develop your web at same level of www.BestBuy.ca, online payment with auto deduct in stock#, with charging delivery fee etc., we can do it with affordable price, your web could be like www.cloudibook.com with most advanced online payment system: users buy iBook online, they can read it immediately; users buy cloud space online, they have it increased immediately!

    4) Auto book visiting appointment on web to be safe and avoid line up outside. Did you see big line up at HomeDepot, Super Store, Costco? We help you offer better service to customers, they can book visiting appointment on your web!

    SafeOpen.ca offers one stop service to safe open your store and business. Apart from advanced web design, our cloud servers can support your employees work at home to safely access all workplace docs and data, you can choose 1 cloud server, 2 cloud servers, and 3 cloud servers depend on your business needs, visit www.all-in-one.ca and www.ownicloud.com

    We also have www.CloudiBook.com to buy/sell most advanced free and commercial iBooks, it is world wide biggest and most difficult 4 in 1 system, apply 1 user account to do 4 things: 1) read/buy/sell iBooks; 2) manage/search/share docs to be central data hub; 3) perfectly share docs to meet all your sharing needs; 4) send email, it will be the best email system. e.g. all Hotmail, Gmail and other Emails only send/receive emails, they can not do 2 in 1 which means send email and manage docs at the same time, let alone 4 in 1!

    We have very advanced web technology: everyone search Google for Public Data, but can you search all your Private Data like that? CloudiBook.com can! CloudiBook.com can search all your Private Data like Google!
    See CloudiBook's 4 in 1 interface , it is very complicated interface with perfect cloud sharing, it is a lot more difficult to design than Google.com

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