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  • .Must re-develop web to meet customer's new needs
  • .Host 1 server on your network - 2 TB Server cdn$68,797 to
    Let employees work from home

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  • Free publish your iBook and we pay you $20 - 100, why?

    Web Page Title or Product/Service Name: .Host 1 server on your network - 2 TB Server cdn$68,797 to
    Let employees work from home

    Our All-In-One Cloud Server re-organizes all your workplace docs and data to be accessed at anywhere anytime by any device safely and securely, no matter how many layers of management and sharing you have, we can meet all your needs. It can be your company's central management system to manage work flows, processes, customers, employees and everything, you can do no obligation free trial to know that!

    All-In-One Cloud Server is not best in class, it is the only best 4 in 1 cloud system, create 1 account to do 4 things at the same time: 1) manage docs and data and search them like Google, 2) perfect cloud sharing, 3) you can sell products and services on it, e.g. buy/sell commercial ibook, 4) send email

    CloudiBook.com is biggest & most difficult to design all-in-one & 4 in 1 cloud sys, it is best document management system, best document sharing system, best electronic ibook system, and best email system all together!

    All other existing cloud, doc, book, email system are 1 in 1: cloud system can't sell electronic book; electronic book system can't manage and share docs; Gmail, Hotmail and all other Email system can not do 2 in 1 which means send email and manage docs at the same time, let alone 4 in 1! only us 4 in 1 - world unique & best!

    Google search public data, can you search/manage/share private data like that? All-In-One.ca, OwniCloud.com, CloudiBook.com can, it is central hub to manage everything!

    You saved is more than you spent, All-In-One server can save management cost to double your efficiency, employees can work anytime, anywhere, on cell phone or any device!

    Host 1 server on your network, instead of half million, we sell 1/10 price to make it affordable for any company, no IT person required, with our 10+ years experience, we make your data safer & more secure to be accessed by cell or any device at anytime anywhere, 1 week free trial on www.all-in-one.ca , see more introduction

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