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  • Free publish your iBook and we pay you $20 - 100, why?

    Web Page Title or Product/Service Name: Free publish your iBook and we pay you $20 - 100, why?

    You may have Facebook, Twitter already, iBook is another Milestone New Media to advertise you and your business in A Brand New Way, and it is Free!

    If you publish commercial iBook or useful sellable information into iBook and share with others, you don't pay a dime, you don't do any publishing work, you concentrate on writing, we publish your iBook not only Free, but we pay you $20.00 to $100.00 depend on your iBook and Info, Why? We can earn it back together by selling your iBook and Info! You can continue to write new content or change existing content after publishing, it is Live Book!

    What is the best way to sell a product? Free trial! Free trial food is the best way to sell food, free trial software is the best way to sell software, free trial iBook is the best way to sell your book and you can afford it!

    If your book is published by other publishers, either paper book or electronic book, there is no way or very hard to do free trial, so it is hard to sell! You can not afford free trial printed paper book; almost all other electronic book systems, readers have to pay first to buy, then downlaod to read, after downloaded, you lose the control of your book, there is no way to free trial!

    We are probably the only electronic book system with ability to do free trial, and we can do buy a paper book, get a free iBook to read at anytime anywhere on cell phone or any device! We are totally different from others, we use cloud computing technology, we are Cloud Sharing iBook, your iBook is always on our Cloud Server, never downloaded to reader's cell phone or computer, you alway have full control of your iBook, that is the reason you can do free trial!

    This is how you sell your iBook:
    After your iBook is 100% free published, you can invite some readers to read it for FREE, how many FREE up to your decision. Who is your best advertiser? Your readers! After you have some readers, you can invite buyers to do 30 day free trial (or 10 days up to you), when readers login to read your iBook, there is a red Expiry Date you assigned with Price and Buy Now (Expire 20201231,$9.99 CAD Buy Now) to remind buyers to pay, you can contact buyers before expiry date; if buyers paid online before 30 days, the expiry date auto disappeared and readers own it permanantly; if buyers not pay after 30 days, you can deny their access so they can not read your iBook anymore. This is unique and advanced cloud sharing iBook, your iBook never downloaded, you have full control of your iBook all the time! Apart from partnership to sell your book, we will advertise your iBook on the following websites:
    1) www.CloudiBook.com
    2) www.cityamazon.com
    3) www.IndoChinaNews.ca

    Another unique feature is Live Book - writers keep writing and readers keep reading! We call it while writing, while publishing, while selling. For example, today, readers login and read all your existing book content; tomorrow, you publish 5 new stories/articles in your iBook; and the day after tomorrow, readers login, the newly published 5 stories/articles will be listed on top as Unread(5 docs), readers click it to see your newly published 5 stories/articles! Is it a little bit like Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp? CloudiBook is another Milestone New Media which can change the whole world! See interface.

    CloudiBook links readers, authors, and publisher together in unique way, we work together to make your success, you never see this business model before, we have following features:
    1) 3 ways of selling: free, free trial, and traditional pay to read;
    2) 30 days free trial, or 10 days up to you;
    3) buy a paper book, get a free iBook to read at anytime anywhere on cell phone or any device!
    while other electronic book can only be read on downloaded cell or PC, if you are away from downloaded cell or PC, you may not read it;
    4) live book, while writing, while publishing, while selling;
    5) readers read newly published content on Unread(5 docs);
    6) authors fully control iBook all the time without download;
    7) authors know readers' reading preference to improve the book;
    8) iBook content can be searched like Google, search doc name, content, created date etc.;
    9) you can highlight articles, docs, or stories at left side of each page except home page;
    10) book mark and go to certain page directly;
    11) let readers see or not see each other's user name and nick name;
    12) write Annotations on each page;
    13) change font size;
    14) like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, it is another more powerful new media, e.g., president Trump publishes 5 new stuff in text, picture, video, or anything with any format in his live book, thousands of his readers login daily to read Unread(5 docs). Like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, it is another powerful New Media! e.g., you can merge a city's every aspect into a city's live book, you can merge a community's every aspect into a community's live book, or build live book in any special area!

    www.cloudibook.com is 4 in 1 app, create one user account to do 4 things at the same time:
    1) read/buy/sell/publish high end commercial iBook;
    2) manage docs and search all private docs like Google;
    3) perfect and advanced cloud sharing, even can sell high-end commercial iBook;
    4) send email, email is one chapter of CloudiBook system. Hotmail and Gmail can only send/receive email, can not do 2 in 1 which means send email and manage docs at the same time, let alone 4 in 1! We are looking for partner and investment to sell next generation 4 in 1 email system!

    CloudiBook.com is the biggest and most difficult app all around the world, it is much more difficult to design than world's best app Google.com, it may change the whole world like Google did!

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