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  • .Must re-develop web to meet customer's new needs
  • .Host 1 server on your network - 2 TB Server cdn$68,797 to
    Let employees work from home

  • CityAmazon.com
  • Free publish your iBook and we pay you $20 - 100, why?

    Web Page Title or Product/Service Name: CityAmazon.com

    Because Covid-19, you want to use e-Commerce web store to reach customers!

    Most Winnipeg stores/businesses target Winnipeg customers and can’t go to Amazon.com, but you can come to CityAmazon.com to target Winnipeggers. Customers can search CityAmazon.com by a City like Winnipeg to only search Winnipeg web stores, this way, Winnipeg stores/businesses can target Winnipeg customers, can also sell items globally! The whole system idea is, each web store has search box like LaShopLesage.ca , all web stores can be searched together! go to CityAmazon.com, search ‘La Shop’ or ‘Chair’ to list items sold by web store LaShopLesage.ca

    Our advanced web technology might be world-wide unique. Apart from delivery like Amazon, CityAmazon.com can also do pickup, curbside pickup, same day delivery etc.

    After free web store done, you’ll have an ID to check all your items sold online. Your item in stock# can be auto deducted! For more info, see www.CityAmazon.com/faq.asp.

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